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There are a variety of E bike conversion kits offered each with their own unique feature. A great place to begin is to find the required wheel size that is needed for your Electric bike, which can be found on your tire. Some example sizes are 20”, 24” 26”, 700c, 29er so on and so forth. Next, decide on the location of your wheel, either front or rear. Neither is necessarily better but there are some advantages and disadvantages of both.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Front Wheel:

  1. Your Electric Bike‘s weight could be distributed somewhat equally by having the motor and front and battery in the back.
  2. In general, it’s easier to install compared to rear wheel.
  3. Definitely not recommend to use a powerful motor.

Rear Wheel:

  1. Overall ride quality is better compared to front wheel.
  2. Limited to which freewheel can be used.
  3. Difficult to change a flat tire

Choosing the type of motor, either is important. There is no better motor. It is solely dependent on the user’s specific needs.

Direct Drive:

  1. Tends to be more long-lasting and faster and higher top speed.
  2. Heavy and physically large


  1. Lighter and smaller.
  2. There is a little drag when pedalling due to the plastic gears.
  3. Plastic gears will wear off over time.
E Bike Conversion Kit

All we have left is choosing the power outputs of the motor typically offered in 24, 36 and 48 Volts. Higher the voltage, higher your maximum top speed. You may heard the Wattage of a motor. For example, 1500W motor. That is 48Volts x 31.25Amps which gives you the overall power of the motor, 1500W. Our sales are splitted between half and half. There is a significant amount who prefer a powerful motor, around 48V 1200W, and those who would rather have a lightweight ebike with a little less speed, 36V 500W, making it the ideal choice between weight, power and total distance.

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