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Sparking When Controller Connected to The Ebike Battery

When connecting a Li-On battery and ebike DC controller, oftentimes we see a spark on the wire. The reason why is the surge current that flows into the controller because of the large capacitor that gets charged. Sparking that you have is pretty normal. The controllers with large capacitors may have this issue, it’s because you’re filling the capacitors quickly and that’s causing the spark. To prevent this event you can use an on/off switched ebike battery. It will eliminate the spark that you see. Although some ebike users proceed with another option to eliminate the sparks. They use a pre-charge resistor. Pre-charge resistors slow down the current by the capacitors in the controller when it’s connected to the battery. However, we don’t recommend this option to eliminate sparks. For a permanent resolution, an on/off switched ebike battery would be the best option. Read More...

What are power cut-off brake levers for?

Power cut off brakes are for mainly safety purposes. They bring additional safety to your ride. Ebikeling ebike conversion kits come with the brake levers with power cut-off sensors. Now let’s see how they work. There is a sensor that when you have pulled the brake lever, sends a signal to the controller to turn off the motor. But do you actually need brake cutoffs? It depends where you’re riding your bike. If you’re riding on a crowded bike path or slowly making way through traffic jams, you may need to go very slowly in these circumstances. Also, it’ll protect the rider in case of emergency braking, even though you forgot to release the throttle the brake sensors will cut off the power on the throttle. The sensors override the throttle because there is no point to power the motor while braking. You need to slightly apply the brake levers to activate the brake cut off. Generally you need to squeeze the brake lever almost halfway to ensure your brake sensor will activate and send a signal to the controller to cut off the motor power. Read More...

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