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A pedicab is a pedal operated vehicle with the ability to carry multiple passengers. It serves a similar function as a regular bicycle but with several extra components such as a heavy-duty frame, differential, axles etc. It’s also used as a taxi in some countries. They are a unique way to travel around town while enjoying the outdoors. They are fun little forms of transportation, in the right weather of course. The pedicab chauffeur is the only person that pedals throughout the trip and it may become tiring for them.

Pedicab Ebike

An electrical hub motor is used in a pedicab and it’s a great option that should be used more often. Pedicabs don’t need high end speed but rather lots of torque to be able to accelerate, especially from a hill. A direct drive hub motor would be ideal compared to a geared motor, losing a few pounds from a several hundred pound pedicab won’t have much of an impact. However, the hub motor will probably require some wire extensions to make up for the length of the pedicab. Preferably, a quality battery that will still get a decent range since there will be a much greater load from not only the passengers but the batteries and steel frame.

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