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More and more cities in the United States are ensuring that there is enough protected e bike paths in the city by investing hundreds of thousands throughout the past several years. There has been a massive development in some cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, New York CIty, San Francisco and many more.

With the re-election of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, there has been over a hundred miles of protected and buffered e bike lanes, separate from the motor vehicles. Minneapolis has also created a significant about of e bike lanes and this led to the percentage of e bikes commuting to work to increase significantly compared to the previous year.

The city of Minneapolis has also made amazing improvements which led them to become the nation’s highest number of bicycle commuters, just behind Portland.

Furthermore, even if you do not own an e bike, there are a handful of cities that offer an e bike sharing program. Even corporate campuses such as University of Cincinnati , University of Albany, University of California have their own program for students, faculty and staff. All of these major cities have led others to do the same by offering and encouraging local residents to pedal.

E Bike Friendly Cities

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