When you purchase your e bike conversion kit, the user is given the option to choose either an LCD display or an LED display. An LED display is standard in your conversion kit, as you will need it to power on/off your system.

Why choose an LCD Display for your electric bicycle

However, you are given the option to choose an LCD Display. At Ebikeling, we offer the LCD for $44.99. You may think that it’s not worth it or may even find it unnecessary. First thing first, it will not impact your ebike’s drivability in any way. Your ebike will still function as it’s designed to regardless of which display you choose. This may be the deciding factor for you but there is much more to it.

LCD display

The LCD display will provide your current speed, average speed, maximum speed, remaining battery percentage, clock, total as well as single trip distances. You also have the option to choose the assist level for your Pedal Assist Sensor. Furthermore, you can install a headlight and control it through the LCD display. Last but not least, the LCD display is able to provide any error codes. Each code is referred in the user manual. These are some of the capabilities of the LCD display. Although we do not include a physical copy of the LCD User Manual in your kit, we will email a digital version upon your request for you to check all that it offers. It is definitely worth a try.

e bike LCD Display

If you already purchased an LCD display from Ebikeling, you may have wondered how to convert the speed from kilometers per hour to miles per hour. Turn your display on using the “M” button. After it has turned on, press and hold the “∧” and “∨”. At the very bottom of the LCD display, change to 00 00 02, press “M” then use the arrow to switch to “mile”.




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April 07, 2017

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