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Torque arm is the component that mounts on the rear axle of rear-wheeled car. No, no so far was a joke. We won’t be going so deep and discuss torque arms of cars. All we going to do are to discuss about simple bike torque arms. Particularly, about electric bicycles and importance of torque arms in this industry.

Hub motor is the powerful thing that can pop out from your forks while riding your ebike. So, regular nuts need an extra metal that holds your axle to the frame. This metal called torque arm. As our company sells affordable, simple conversion kits, it is easy to convert your bicycle into an electric bicycle by simply purchasing few things. Unless one want to buy ready electric bicycle with an integrated torque arms and spending good amount of money, he needs to learn what torque arm is and why it is important for his ebike.

Torque Arms in Ebikes

In order for you to feel what I want to say in this post, want to tell a short story that happened last week to us. So, we had a chance to take a ride to downtown with electric bicycles last weekend. Actually, they were not ready in sense of design. Torque arms were not installed, batteries were not fixed completely. But the weather was so good that day; we couldn’t withhold us from going out. Ride was wonderful, cruising around the crowd, cruising by the lake, talking to people who were interested etc. until I hit straight to the lamppost with my ebike. We were racing and somehow I couldn’t turn on time and the accident happened. Everything was alright: wheel was straight, motor was working, and I wasn’t hurt and was ready to get up and go. But noticed that hub was separated from front forks. We couldn’t carry tools with us so had to carry our ebike to our car. If torque arms were installed and secured we wouldn’t be in that unpleasant situation.

Recommendation is not to safe money from torque arms but secure your ebikes and accordingly be safe. Two sets sold for around thirsty bucks online. Also check out our website in few months for more affordable price.

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