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There are a few benefits of building your own Ebike rather than purchasing a pre-built one from a retailer.

First is the variety. An Ebike has several components that is offered in different variations which are chosen by the user. With building an Ebike you purchase the parts you will need for your specific needs. However, purchasing a pre-built Ebike from a retailer, you will have to chose from the limited options given to you.

Second is the price. An Ebike conversion kit could range from $150-$300 or even more depending on the specifications. A pre-built Ebike could cost from $700 to several thousand dollars. Now this doesn’t mean that you are saving a money right off the bat because the conversion kit will not include the cost of the bike frame, both wheels, possibly no tire. However, from our experiences and our valuable customers’ experiences, building your own Ebike by purchasing a conversion kit is generally much cheaper than buying one from a retailer.

If you do not acquire the necessary tools or knowledge to build it yourself, possibly buying a pre-built Ebike may be the way for you. Also, building your Ebike does not consist of purchasing the best parts but rather what meets your needs. So shop wisely!

Building an Ebike vs. Buying from Retailer

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