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There has been a debate between full throttle or PAS (pedal assist sensor). Which one is usable and better to use. Actually both hand throttle and PAS used to control the speed of electric bicycle. Early manufacturers of electric kits prefer to produce them with only full throttle option. That allows you to have a bicycle something similar to motorcycles, where you apply full throttle to operate your bicycle without pedaling it. Obviously, this option will benefit the people who use electric bikes exclusively for work (delivery, morning transportation) that requires to be done as quickly as possible. In general full throttle is simple to be understood, it is mounted on the bar and controlled by twisting.


Manufacturers of electric bicycles came up with the idea of using pedal assist because new rules and regulations on major countries prohibited using only full throttle. By challenging people to use pedal more. But the companies needed to export as much as possible to gain their profit and grow as an international company.

When it comes to variations and designs related to throttles and pedal assist systems, there are tons of them. But the overall functionality is same. Specific to PAS it’s generally mounted to pedal crank and controlled by magnetic sensor. Sensor reads your pedal cadence and tells controller when to accelerate. P0-P6 options on LCD display allow choosing assist levels. Best part of ebikeling kits, you are optional to use PAS, kit will work without it being installed. For installation please check our installation section on our website.

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