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On our previous blogs we mentioned that our company is looking to sell batteries for electric bicycles. This was inevitable because customers kept asking for battery besides conversion kits.  But we kept delaying it. The reason for that is very simple. As we always try to give the best product for best price, it wasn’t easy process. Lithium batteries have been our number one choice from the beginning. LG brand has been the best option after our researches. Main components of our batteries will be Li-(NiMnCo)02. Advantages: High rate capability, good thermal performance, cost and low self-discharges. Please check back our shop menu for batteries within a month.

Battery is an important part of your motorized bicycle. It needs to be taken care good in order to use it effectively and prolong its lifespan.  There is common information for batteries.  High temperatures tend to decrease life of battery but may increase its performance. Whereas low temperatures increases the performance but shortens the life of battery. So, please keep this in mind and keep your battery in dry and cool place. It really doesn’t matter if battery placed into you ebike or stored separately while not using it.  When your ebike is inactive, where battery is no use, it’s not good for your battery.  The best way is to charge and use them because batteries have self-discharge properties. Depending of battery type this self-discharge time might change.

Ebike Battery

For cheapest and most widely used lead acid batteries the self-discharge is low and they need to be charged every 3 months(or according to manual) in order to keep them in shape.  They can be stored below room temperature at around 15-16 C. They are prone to high temperature and have lower life cycle.

Lithiums made up of different chemicals such as phosphates, iron, manganese, nickel etc. They have slightly different properties and storage procedures. I want to concentrate on our batteries but you can similarly apply this to your different Lithium batteries.  NMC batteries are the newest generation of Li-ion rechargeable batteries. They are famous with their high current rate and high capacity rate. They also cost low and have high life cycle.

If you plan to store it for long time please charge it full and leave it. Self-discharge should be around 6 month (or according to manual), keep them charged after this period finishes.  Please see battery charger indicators for battery charge level.

When using your ebike, simple but important thing to remember is battery poles. Make sure to connect negative to negative, positive to positive.

While storing keep away from things that can easily catch a fire.

Store it in dry and around room temperature 0-25 C (40-80 F)

If your battery loses its capacity below 19%, dispose it safely.

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