Ebikes on Winter Time

27 Fri

Ebikes on Winter Time

So, recently I was on one of the website forums and read someone hurting his twist while riding his ebike on the snow.

And I started question myself.  Is it really a bad idea to ride an electric bicycle on winter times?

Firstly, I am assuming your connections are all waterproof. By saying this I am aware that our kit connections are not waterproof and are simple bullet type connectors. There is a reason for that. In order to minimize production cost and selling price to our customers we need to make them with these type connectors. But almost every customer, I recommend to change them to more powerful ones. They can change to connectors like Anderson PP75, EC5 or MT60etc.  If the customer doesn’t want to spend time on it or not a handy guy, I offer to stick with default connectors and just apply some type of waterproof tape.  If everyone is good, we can move to our topic.

Safety seems to be an illusion.  Anything can be in danger on a snow roads and especially if the roads are bumpy.  Everyone can have their own controversial opinions about the things I will be mentioning below. But so far bicycling industry gone only this far. If any new updates and features in the future, we will consider them.

What about studded tires? Have you ever thought about them, when your mounting tires start sliding a bit? You can find ready-made studded tires online for about $30-150 depending on brand and location. You can look up for brands like Nokian, Innova  and Nashbar etc. If you ever thought to make one for yourself, there are tons of videos on YouTube DIY videos on how to make them. You can buy stud packs, depending on how many you want to put on each tire.

What about etrikes? Here people divide into two groups. One say etrikes are more safe then two wheels while others claim the first is more dangerous. Etrikes may be thought safer because of central gravity, size and weight. There is less possibility to turn around on etrikes. You can set up best headlights, tail lights all around and ride on driveways. But again I say it is a crazy idea and not recommended for everyone. Etrikes also come with disadvantages like not being able to see the whole path and all the heavy vehicles riding behind you.

Lastly, what about fat tire ebikes? Because reducing some air from regular bicycle tires can help you to ride on lowest pressure and get maximum width.  We all know fat tires good on beach areas (on sand) and mud roads. It should be similarly applied to snow roads. If you can also add studs to them, that would be crazy.