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AĀ fat tireĀ bike is fairly large, heavy and grabs a significant amount of attention due to its boldness. If youā€™ve ever ridden one, it requires a lot of work to get going compared to a regular bicycle. It gets exhausting on the roads let alone on other surfaces. Installing a motor to yourĀ fat bikeĀ could solve that and you would be able to enjoy your ride.

A fat tireĀ ebike is very similar to the regular electric bikes. The ā€œfatā€ gets its name from theĀ rimĀ that is several inches wide. It also consists of even a wider tire. It does have a larger axle and dropout compared to a regular ebike. These few differences offer a variety of benefits.

The enormous tires provide excellent traction on almost any type of terrain such as snow, sand, curbs, or even mud. TheĀ tiresĀ operate at a lower pressure, 15-20 psi, and could even increase the traction by lowering the pressure of the tires even more, all the way down to 5psi. However, due to a large surface making contact with the trail it leads your ebike to become less efficient therefore offering less range. This is definitely a deciding factor for the user.

With the capability of theĀ motorĀ and tires, it was meant for big adventures. Without any hesitation, it can handle any surface at any weather condition, especially when there is enough power.


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