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As much as you are excited that you’ve purchased and built your e bike, you may be thrilled to try it out. But where? There are a list of enjoyable routes with beautiful scenery to ride here in Chicago. Keep in mind these are not in any particular order.

Best eBike Trails & Paths In Chicago

First up is the Chicago Lakefront Trail. It spans a little over 18 miles and is perfect for a sunny Sunday morning ride. Throughout your trip you will see many types attractions and activities taking place. You can stop to visit a park, the Shedd Aquarium or even go for a swim. Furthermore, if you don’t want to end your trip you may keep traveling north to Sheridan Road.

Second on our list is The 606 also known as Bloomingdale Trail. It features a 2.7 mile elevated east-west trail that passes through Logan Square, Humboldt Park and West Town. It is short but it’s packed with views of nature and plenty of bikers.

Coming in number three is Ned Brown Forest Preserve also known as Busse Woods. The paved trail extends for 11 miles. It is a quiet and relaxing route that features the breeze of many trees. Also, you may be able to spot an elk along your trip.

The last on our list is Sculpture Park. This short 3 mile trail is filled with several dozens of works of art. Each sculpture is very interesting and fascinating that you will have to stop and appreciate the beautiful scenery for all pieces located in the park. It is well worth it the trip.

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