There are several factors that impact range when riding your e bike. The amp-hour on your battery determines your range. This isn’t meant to encourage anyone to buy a better battery and solve the problem right off the bat but rather be able to increase or at the very least maintain your battery for long term use.


e bike battery

To start off simple, have your battery fully charged before use. The more juice then the more distance you will be able to travel. As I mentioned before if you feel that your battery is bad, you can buy a brand new battery. If you already purchased one I would suggest keeping it in room temperature when not in use during winter. Batteries don’t perform well in the cold so it’s a good idea to store your battery when it’s cold.

Tire Pressure

Just like a car, if the tire pressure is below the recommended value it will take more energy to move it from point A to B. This doesn’t mean that the higher pressure the higher range. The correct range should be stated on your ebike’s tire. Remember to check tire pressure during the cold as it will decrease.

 Wind Resistance & Hills

The faster you travel the more wind resistance there will be. Therefore traveling against the wind will require more energy thus lowering your range. So lay off the throttle in such situations and ride slower.
If a PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor) is equipped, consider pedalling uphill and let go of the throttle to save your battery from draining faster. Also, pedalling from a start (0 mph) will save some juice. Batteries require more energy during acceleration.


Another example similar to the previous ones, having more weight will require more energy from your battery. You may take the weight of the motor, controller, battery etc. into consideration before purchasing your ebike kit.



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February 16, 2018

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