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There are several types of ebike conversion kits such as hub motors, mid drives, and some other types as we all know. So why do we carry hub motors?

Here are some reasons you might be interested in hub motors.

First of all, hub motors are completely independent of the drive chain. While we do not claim that hub motors are better than mid drives, both have cons and pros. When a chain breaks, has freewheel issues, or derailleur gets damaged, the hub motor still can keep moving the bicycle until the rider reaches their destination.

It’s chain-friendly as hub motors decrease the mechanical wear on the cogs. It decreases stress on the pedal and chain, unlike mid-drive motors.

A hub motor with a torque arm installed properly will have no peak power problem. You can easily accelerate and not depend on chains.

Hub motors are easy to install. Especially installing the front hub motors may be the easiest ebike conversion type. Simply remove the existing wheel and replace it with a hub motor wheel.

You will not have any downshifting or upshifting problems with hub motors. You can leave your bike in any gear and use the motor to speed up without shifting gears.

Hub motors continue to improve levels along with technological developments.

We hope that this will explain the reason why we carry hub motors rather than mid-drives or any other type of conversion kit.


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