Advantages of Fat Tire Bikes Ebikeling

Fat tire bikes (fat bikes) gained huge amount of popularity among bikers during the last few years. You may be wondering why? Here is the list we prepared for you to see why you should try a fat bike.

First off fat bikes provide good grip and traction even on the most difficult terrains that require additional traction which makes them the best choice in winter.

Fat bikes will not slip on wet road or sink in mud or snow even when the ground is covered in snow.

Also they weigh more than regular bikes which makes them more resistant to strong winds.

Fat tires do not need to be inflated too much. You can get a good comfort and performance even at low tire pressure as well.

Large tires absorb a lot vibration and it means less stress on your handlebar.

Another advantage of having a larger tire is improved balance and control it provides.

Fat bikes are safer than regular bikes as they are slower and provide more contact surface and won’t slip on wet surfaces.

Floatation of fat tires much more effective in sand or soft ground which means the tires won’t dig in and keep floating on top thanks to the weight spread over a wider surface area.

This is not an article which compares fat bikes to regular ones. We do not say that bikers should give up their regular bikes and get a fat tire bike instead but they can at least try it.

Well, if you have your own reasons or ideas you want to share with us, please feel free to write them in the comments.



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