How to Set LCD Display Parameters Ebikeling

Turn on the kit by pressing and holding the M button for 4-5 seconds.

Press and hold the Up and Down arrows for 4-5 seconds to enter the settings panel of your SW900 / S830 LCD Displays.

The following are the programs/parameters and what they stand for:

P01 Background luminance. 1 is the darkest, 3 is the brightest

Depends on your choice.

P02 Unit of distance. 0 is KM, 1 is MILE

Switches between Kilometers and Miles.

P03 Voltage grades. 24V, 36V, 48V, 52v.

The battery and the kit voltages must be the same!

P04 Sleep time. 0 means the LCD screen will never go off for energy save mode, other numbers stand for the sleep time (1-60 min).

Depends on your choice.

P05 PAS grades.

0, Has 3 grades mode: 1 grade 2V, 2 grade 3V, 3 grade 4V

1, Has 5 grades mode: 1 grade 2V, 2 grade 2.5V, 3 grade 3V, 4 grade 3.5V, 5 grade 4V

Options 0 and 1 indicate how much electric assist each grade will provide from the battery while pedaling and will affect the pedaling speed accordingly. For example, in option 0 the grade 2 will assist you with 3v while it is 2.5v in option 1.

PS: S830 Displays have a 9-grade option.

P06 Wheel size. Unit: inch. Precision: 0.1

Wheel size unit shown in inches. Must be set correctly.

P07 Speed measuring magnet. Range: 1-100

This is 47 for direct drive (1200w and above) motors and 01 for geared (500w - 750W) motors.

P08 Speed limit. Range: 0-50 km/h, 100 means no limit

The limit set in Km and can not be switched to a Mil. So calculate it carefully when you set the limit.

No-Communication Status (controlled by the meter): when the real speed is over the ones we set, the meter would shut off PWM output; when less than the speed we set, the meter would turn on PWM output automatically, the driving speed would be ±1km/h; (Speed limit is for PAS, not for Throttle)

Communication Status (controlled by the controller): The driving speed keeps the same with the ones we set. Random error: ±1km/h. (Speed limit is for both PAS and Throttle)

Notes: These data are based on KM. When changing KM to Mile, the speed value on the screen would convert to correct Miles automatically, but if you do not change the setting of the speed limit from KM to Mile, it would be different from the real speed limit in Mile.

P09 Zero start & Non-zero Start. 0 is Zero Start, 1 is Non-zero Start

Zero start (0) will engage the motor instantly while Non-zero start (1) will give some delay when you throttle.

P10 Driving mode.

0 is driven by PAS. The throttle is useless at this time. Use this option if you do not want to use the throttle.

1 is driven by Throttle. PAS is useless at this time. If you do not need PAS, then use this option.

2 is driven by PAS & Throttle. The throttle is useless at Zero Start status. Both throttle and PAS are active.

P11 PAS sensitivity. Range: 1-24

Set the sensitivity carefully, 1 is the most sensitive.

P12 PAS start strength. Range: 0-5

Lower value provides a little assist when you start pedaling.

P13 PAS magnet type. There are 3 types: 5, 8, and 12. Dots on the magnetic ring. It’s 8 as default (Set it as 12 in case you have 12 magnet rotor).

P14 The Current-limiting of Controller. The original Current is 12A. Range:1-20A

Please check the current your controller and the hub motor can handle. Set the limit accordingly.

PS: The latest versions of SW900 and S830 displays adjust the current automatically.

P15 Not implemented now.

P16 ODO Zero-Out: Long press the upper key for 5 seconds and ODO will zero out.

Use this option to reset ODO.

P17 Power choice function from 250W-1000W.

This option will let you set the wattage of your electric hub motor. Some versions of SW900 do not have P16 and P17.


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