Ebike 8-Speed Bicycle Freewheel - 13-28


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Electric Bicycle Freewheel
When your freewheel start misbehaving after some period of use like it starts getting sticky or exhibiting side-to-side plays, this will affect your ride quality and you will need to replace it with a brand new freewheel. EBIKELING 8 Speed Bike Freewheel is one of the best option for your bike.

One of the top reasons why you should chose this product is its quality construction. It’s made using hardened steel material which makes it one of the most durable, long-lasting freewheels for on the market.

Our freewheel is heat resistance made of made of high quality metal, anticorrosive, good heat resistance, do not worry about the long-term use of friction heat, affecting its life. This freewheel is characterized by smooth rotation without much noise, high precision internal thread, ensure close connection with bicycle hub, smooth operation. Easy to maintain and rarely get grubbed up on the inside. It is definitely convenient for use and provides fast riding speed and reduces the works required. Lightweight and small, easy to install on your bike.  Compatible with the Ebike Conversion Kits


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