Ebikeling 1200w Direct Drive Rear Waterproof Kit Installation Video

 Ebikeling Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation (Customer's Video)

Ebikeling E-bike Conversion Kit Torque Arm Installation (Geared Front Hub Motor)


Check every item you received in the box.
Each conversion kit has:

  • Hub motor with cables attached and mounted on the wheel
  • Brushless Motor Controller
  • Thumb or twist throttle
  • LED or LCD Display
  • For SW900 instructions please click.
  • 810 LED has on/off, 6 km cruise control, three power mode (similar to manual car gear shifts) buttons. LED does support PAS but doesn’t control PAS sensitivity.
  • Two, right and left, brake levers with throttle cut-off switches.  (Optional, kit operates without them)
  • PAS, Pedal Assist Sensor and magnetic disc  (Optional, kit operates without them)
  • Freewheel if you got rear wheel
  • Cable ties
Note: If two blue wires connected to each other – speed will be limited. If not, kit will go as fast as its capacity handles.
30A-35A Controllers
30A-35A controller
22A Controller
22A Controller
15A Controller
15A Controller