eBikeling 1200w Direct Drive Rear Waterproof Kit Installation Video



Ebikeling Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation (Customer's Video)



eBikeling Ebike Conversion Kit Torque Arm Installation (Geared Front Hub Motor)




Check every item you recieved in the box.
Each conversion kit has:

  • Hub motor with cables attached and mounted on the wheel
  • Brushless Motor Controller
  • Thumb or twist throttle
  • LED or LCD Display
  • For SW900 instructions please click.
  • 810 LED has on/off, 6 km cruise control, three power mode (similar to manual car gear shifts) buttons. LED does support PAS but doesn’t control PAS sensitivity.
  • Two, right and left, brake levers with throttle cut-off switches.  (Optional, kit operates without them)
  • PAS, Pedal Assist Sensor and magnetic disc  (Optional, kit operates without them)
  • Freewheel if you got rear wheel
  • Cable ties
Note: If two blue wires connected to each other – speed will be limited. If not, kit will go as fast as its capacity handles.