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The electric bike throttle is one of the vital parts that creates a connection between you and the bike. It may seem not important but if your commute is a long ride you will regret it if you don’t choose the right throttle for your needs. It’s not an easy decision to make but we break down the facts for you that you should consider before you make a final decision. 

For a pleasant riding experience, we’re going to explain the important points that you should consider before deciding between thumb throttle, full-twist throttle, and half-twist throttle.


Thumb throttle as the name suggests is intended to operate by the thumb. It has only a small lever right next to the handlebar. Thumb throttles known to be the least inconvenient among all three throttles. One of the things I like about thumb throttle is that rarely intervenes with brake levers or twist shifters. It only sometimes intervenes with lever shifters but it’s easy to manage. 

  • Freedom on Accessories 

Allows you to choose a great variety of accessories to install like lights and mirrors since it doesn’t take so much space on the handlebar.  

  • Slight Increase in Safety

Thumb throttles are less likely to engage in accidents as you don’t twist to accelerate. We will explain this in the “Full Twist Throttle” part. 

  • Less Grip & More Exhaustion

As you use your thumb to accelerate you will have fewer fingers on the handlebar which adds up to less grip on your ride.

Long rides might result in thumb exhaustion and if you’re living in cold weather your thumb will freeze and feel numb. 

Ebike Throttles


Full Twist Throttle is the largest out of all ebike throttles and needs a complete hand to operate. The operation of this throttle is exactly similar to the motorcycle. It's a very common choice among the riders, you simply grab the throttle and twist it back to yourself. If you used a motorcycle before you will adapt in no time and enjoy your ride to the fullest. 

  • Turn the Bike off After the Ride          

One of the important facts you should consider while choosing full twist throttle, it takes up to the entire handlebar and therefore you’re more likely to come across difficulties while handling the bike. You might accidentally accelerate while moving the bike around in the garage because you forgot to turn off the bike. 

  • Limited Accessory 

A full twist throttle will less likely allow you to install a variety of accessories you like on the handlebar. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use accessories. You can still use accessories like mirrors that are compatible with full twist throttle. This way you can enjoy your ride with your full twist throttle. 


The idea of this throttle is the same as full twist throttle but it’s only half size. The rest of the handlebar is alternate to a matching rubber grip that doesn’t twist. Also, you’re free to use accessories at the rest of the handlebar. 

  • More Comfortable Rides               

Unlike full twist throttle, the half twist doesn’t require the whole hand to operate and therefore your wrist is less likely to be exhausted during long rides.    

  • Easy Emergency Braking 

The half-twist throttle comes along with another advantage. Considering that only half your fingers are only busy with accelerating you’ll have the rest of your fingers on the brake all the time, and having the privilege of emergency braking is surely comforting.

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