Ebikeling‘s main focus in the market has been always ebike kits. As you search through website or any other online marketplaces, “ebikeling” has no batteries for sale. That might sound bizarre and we totally understand some of our customer’s frustrations.  Probably, our main defense on this issue would be that, maybe we wanted our customers or people in general to be more knowledgeable about electric bicycles? Before ordering “everything included” package, maybe we wanted them to do a little research on the battery and in the process about ebike kit itself? But in any case, customers are always true and they have the right to say anything they think is right. From now and then, in order to enrich our product line and make keep our customers happy, we will start selling ebike batteries. Please check out our website within 2-3 month in order to see changes. Updates on our other products, including kits and accessories, will follow up by Spring.

That was enough for advertising and now let’s come to our main topic. “Where do I get a battery for this?” What range can I get by using this or that battery with your system?” “Could you suggest some sources to buy battery?” Those are the questions we do get that repeats everyday. In reality, answering to the question regarding the range is very complex. In the fact of range depends on many factors such as: battery type, kit specs, person weight, road, weather etc.  We wish we could give exact numbers to everyone asking. Here we will try to give an example, how someone roughly can calculate their range. As a base I am taking our 48V 1200W ebike kit and 48V 12Ah lithium battery (or Lead).

ebike kit

Let’s say someone traveling with 24 miles per hour (mph) all the way with full throttle.

1200W motor rates 950W (it cannot use 1200W all the time) all the way.

Batteries capacity would be 48V x 12Ah = 576Wh

576W x 1h = 950W x (T)       =>   (T) = 0.6063 hours.   (This is how much time you will be able to ride with your battery)

24 miles  –  1 hour

(M) miles  –  0.6063 hour       =>  (M) = 14.55 miles (This is your range.  By using PAS or just pedaling in certain roads or using battery with more Ah, you can increase this range by far more).

So, by checking your kit and battery specs and also by looking at your speed you can roughly calculate your range.



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February 16, 2018

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