Refurbished 48V 1500W Direct-Drive Ebike Conversion Kits

$399.99 $499.99

1500 W  26" 26" FAT 700 C 700 C MTB
Recommended Tire Width 1.75", 1.95", 2.125"
4.0" 28C, 32C, 35C 32C, 35C, 38C, 40C
Rim Width 19 mm 80 mm 19 mm 29.6 mm
Rim Diameter (Outer) 572 mm 573 mm
633 mm 633 mm
Rim Diameter (Inner) 522 mm 524 mm
583 mm 583 mm
Spoke 159 mm 12G
Carbon Steel
Copper Nipples
163 mm 12G
Carbon Steel
Copper Nipples
188 mm 12G
Carbon Steel
Copper Nipples
188 mm 12G
Carbon Steel
Copper Nipples
Rear Dropout 135 MM
175 mm 135 mm 135 mm
Front Dropout - - - -
Rear Axle Length 209.5 mm
238 209.5 mm
209.5 mm
Front Axle Length - - - -
Motor Wheel Weight 15.3
Motor Torque
- - - -
Motor RPM (Nominal) 560 460 560 560
Motor Hub Diameter 242 mm
242 mm 242 mm 242 mm
Motor Magnets 46 46 46 46
Peak Power 1.8 kW 1.89 kW 1.89 kW 1.89 kW
Operating Mode S1 Hall Sensor S1 S1



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Affordable and powerful kit options, the comfort of the smooth installation process are only a few good things to start explaining what we're offering here at eBikeling.

We are offering a variety of power options that suits your lifestyle.

A commute, a day at the beach, or a late-night hangout with your buddies, you will enjoy the ride and make great memories on the way with Ebikeling.

Choose your bicycle tire size, easily convert your bike and enjoy your ride! 

The aluminum double-walled rim and hub motor are already attached in the box. Kits are ready to install right out of the box, all you need to do is replace them with the original tire.

The wheel axle diameter is 10 mm. Steel forks can be filed if the axle does not fit into the dropout because of its slightly larger diameter. Please do not file more than necessary and make sure that it does not damage the forks. Aluminum forks can also be filed with extra caution.

Aluminum rims have openings for a Schrader-type valve. The kit doesn't have a regen brake option.

The controller comes with an SY60 male-type battery connector (Compatible with XT60 connectors).

PAS/Brake Levers are optional. Kits will operate without them. You will be able to use your own brakes.


The waterproof ebike conversion kits are more reliable than regular ebike conversion kits in difficult weather conditions. They are designed to take a ride in the rain or snow.FEEL THE POWER!

Still think you would struggle to ride in difficult conditions? Let us make your ride much easier. Oh did you say hills? Peh!

At eBikeling, we're offering you a nonstop adventure experience. No more brakes in the middle of your ride because you feel tired!

We Feel Your Passion

Enjoy the Ride

We strive for quality, aesthetics and mixing our shared passions for cycling, enthusiasm & sustainability.



Ride with confidence and take on any terrain with our powerful electric bike conversion kits. Engineered with the highest quality materials, eBikeling is designed to handle any adventure, whether you're cruising through the city streets or exploring the great outdoors.

Take control of your journey and go wherever the road takes you with eBikeling.

How To:

Rear Conversion Kit Installation Tutorial

Looking to upgrade your bike to an electric one? Check out our installation video for the eBikeling conversion kit, designed to make transforming your bike into an electric powerhouse a breeze. In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of installing the kit, including everything from attaching the motor to wiring up the battery.