It’s very important to take your ebike for tune-up regularly. The timing depends on how much or under what conditions you ride your bike and the type of the bike of course. You can understand when it’s time for tune up from derailleur adjustments, gears that do not switch smoothly, loose spokes or brakes that ask for readjusting etc.

Keep your battery maintained in a dry and cool environment and charged. Do not assume that the battery or bike has problems if the range or performance of your bike degraded. There might be other reasons for it such as tire pressure, cold weather conditions etc. You should keep your tire inner pressure maintained. Changing temperature can easily affect the tire pressure. You can see how much tire pressure you should have in there on the side of the tire. Check the pressure at least once in a month, otherwise you may start having range or speed issues.

Maintaining an Electric Bike

Keep your chain clean and lubricate it regularly. Try to keep chain clean after every ride, do not leave them in dirt. Use chain penetrants first to clean up the chain and then follow the process with chain lubricant for better chain cleaning. It’s recommended to keep chains wet rather than dry!

Squeaking disk brake is another factor which affects the performance of your ebike. Keep the disk brakes clean and aligned. Once it’s aligned properly, you will see that it’s not dragging and rubbing anymore.

90% of electric bike motors in the market are water resistant not waterproof. Other parts can resist average water too. So, the most vulnerable part of your ebike would be the controller. Try to keep it in a waterproof bag or a box that can protect it from moisture and direct water contact.

Carry an allen wrench set, tire patch kit, a pump and cell phone with you for emergency situations. Recommended wrench sizes are 3, 4, 5 and 6 as they are the most common sizes used on modern bikes.  

Finally, always use helmet during the ride for your own safety.



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February 15, 2019

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