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As the weather continues to get even colder, it’s best to take the necessary precautions to keep your electric bicycle batteries reliable and up to their full potential. The battery may be the most sensitive part of your electric bike so storing it properly becomes much more important especially in winter. Here are some tips about how to store your ebike Lithium-Ion battery in cold weather.

Avoid keeping your battery in the cold any more than you have to. You will not get full performance out of your Li-Ion battery when it gets cold. Try to keep it in warmer setting above 40°F.

Do not charge your battery when it’s too cold. Leave your battery inside for 1-2 hours in a warm environment before charging it. Charging the battery when it’s cold will cause a capacity degrade in time.

Charge your battery more more in winter if you use your ebike frequently. The cold weather raises the internal resistance of your battery which affects the average voltage and produces less power (Watts). In warm weather we charge the battery a couple of times in a week just when we need it but this will not work in the cold as your battery will not be able to deliver the same power, energy and efficiency it does when it’s warmer.

If you do not ride often or perhaps store your ebike for winter then it’s best to avoid fully charging your battery before storing it for an extended amount of time. Try to keep it half charged.

If you ride short trips during the winter then keep it charged at 80% or below 90%.

Store your battery in a cool and dry place. Avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures. These temperatures will degrade the capacity of your ebike battery.

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