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Buying Tips for Ebikeling Conversion Kits

We wanted to share with you the important buying tips for ebike conversion kits. We categorized them under several titles. These tips will help you make a decision and also prevent you from buying the wrong ebike conversion kit for your bike. 

Wheel and Tire Sizes

Wheel and tire sizes are visible to see on the sidewall of the tire. Regular or fat tires, they will all state the wheel sizes on them. For example, wheel sizes will be like 26 X 1.75”. Meaning that the wheel outer diameter is 26” and the wheel width is 1.75”. Also, there are 700c rims and they differ by their widths like 700 X 28c or 700 X 32c, etc. This means the outer diameter is 633 millimeters and the width is 32 millimeters. For detailed information about wheel sizes you can check our short instructional video from here


First, let’s look at what dropout actually means. Dropouts are the part of the bike or fork that holds the wheel on the bike. It’s very important to know the measurements of the drop out before you purchase your ebikeling conversion kit. Every hub motor has its own dropout measurements. The spacing plays an important part and determines which hub motor will fit your bike. As an example we provided below 700c rear wheel dropout size.  Please check the product description before you make a final decision. We advise every rider to install a Torque Arm to their bike to avoid any unpleasant experience with their ride. The torque arm is the tool that holds your axle to the frame. Hub motors are powerful and they may disconnect from the frame if no torque arm is installed. For safety purposes, as ebikeling we’re including torque arms into every kit. 

Axle Length & Diameter

Another measurement that you need to pay attention to before buying your ebikeling conversion kit is the Axle Length. As ebikeling, we offer 500W, 1200W, and 1500W conversion kits. All of these conversion kits require different axle lengths since the hub motor’s size is different for all 3 conversion kits. Please be careful with the size of your axle length before you purchase your kit. Measure your axle length and compare it with the conversion kit’s axle length measurement on our website. Also the axle diameter of your fork is another important measurement which is supposed to be 11mm to be able to fit your ebikeling conversion kit. The wheel axle diameter is 10 mm.  Steel forks can be filed If the axle does not fit into the dropout because of it's slightly larger diameter. Please do not file more than necessary and make sure that it does not damage the forks. Aluminum forks can also be filed with extra caution. 

Freewheel or Cassette? 

Hub motors have threads that a standard freewheel can screw on as you can see in the picture. Our conversion kits are traditional threaded hub motors, for this reason, they’re compatible with freewheels only. Cassettes on the other hand don’t have threads, instead, they have spines that are not compatible with the threaded hub motors we offer. We will have an article only about Freewheel and Cassette soon, explaining them in detail.  

Battery Connectors

Our controllers come with an XT60 male type battery connector. It’s not compatible with any other connector type. If you have your own battery please be aware that your battery has an XT60 female connector before you purchase an ebikeling conversion kit. If not please change the connector to XT60 connector. Please be aware that cutting the controller power cable to fit it to your existing battery connector would void warranty on your kit.

LCD Display Parameter 

Did you already install your conversion kit? If so, please take a look at our article below about LCD Display Parameters where we explain how to set up your SW900 / S830 LCD Displays. 


We covered all the important aspects in this article for you to pay close attention to before you order your conversion kit from our website. 



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