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Ebike conversion kits are a relatively new innovation that allows you to convert your bike into an electric bike, or "ebike". Ebikes have significant advantages compared to other vehicles in many usage scenarios. They are also an excellent option for people who live in urban areas where the traffic can be a pain in the neck!


Here are seven reasons why you should consider buying an ebike conversion kit: 

  1. It's cheaper than buying a new at least a fine quality ebike: A good ebike ranges from $3,000 to $6,000 depending on the model, size, and extras. A typical bike costs about $600 to $1.200 - so you're saving money by opting for the conversion kit! 
  2. Save time while saving the planet by biking instead of taking public transportation or driving: Sometimes, it may take more than 20 minutes to find a space in a parking lot or wait for a bus.
  3. You'll stay healthier: Biking will improve your cardiovascular health while burning calories and improving muscle tone. Push the throttle when you feel tired, your ebike is here to save the day! ;)
  4. You'll feel accomplished and have more energy because biking is an excellent form of exercise that barely requires equipment or/and experience compared to a gym routine.
  5. The environment loves them! Many vehicles out there run on gas. Electric vehicles will most likely replace those as the world goes green and people try to decrease their carbon footprint. Imagine a greener future; it's a great feeling to be part of it while having fun!
  6. You'll be able to bike even if you live in urban areas: The ebike conversion kit is great for people in urban areas because it can make biking more accessible and easy. With ebike conversion kits, you can use your bike to get around without worrying about difficult terrain.
  7. Most peoples' favorite part, are you ready? You will save money! No gas, no parking money, no possible tickets mean that you get to keep an extra buck in your pocket at the end of the day! Considering increasing gas costs, it's a great getaway. 
Ebike conversion kits

And a bonus reason for couples ;) Your partner will thank you for giving them a peaceful ride. Plus, it's a great event that will add another memory to your relationship. A healthy body with less anxiety equals a happier relationship!

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