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Are you having trouble with a stubborn tire? We’re here to guide you how to remove the stuck tires off your ebike rim. We know how frustrating this process can get and we break it down here step by step how you can handle this issue.

The first thing you want to do is dislodge the bead on one side of the tire, then push it towards the center. The stubborn the tire it is, the stronger the push it needs. The beads unfortunately will be stuck at the tire. Once you complete pushing the beads towards the center with your hand for the entire rim. Afterward, grab the lever and scoop up the bead a little bit from one side and leave it like that for now. Instead of pushing it off the lever through the beads, you can repeat the first process where you grab the tire from the corner and push it towards the center to dislodge and loosen before you push the lever.

A good point to consider while loosening the beads from the rim is to move towards the lever so once you reach the lever that you’re holding it you can slowly push the lever further. You will see it’s going to be a lot easier to do it like this compared to dislodge with the lever only and not loosen up the beads from the rim. After that, you can start the same process to the opposite side of the lever. Do it side by side and move on towards the lever again. Finally, your lever should be able to slide easily all around it and the tire comes out easily. An old tire also can be the reason to make it very hard to remove your tire from the rim. We believe with the help of this article you will be able to remove any stubborn tire off your ebike rim.

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