Julet 9 Pin Waterproof Motor Connector to Molex Adapter for 500w Hub Motors

WATTS: 500


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Buying Tips for Ebikeling Ebike Conversion Kits

We wanted to share with you the important buying tips for ebike conversion kits. We categorized them under several titles. These tips will help you make a decision and also prevent you from buying the wrong ebike conversion kit for your bike. Wheel and Tire Sizes Wheel and tire sizes are visible to see on the sidewall of the tire. Regular or fat tires, they will all state the wheel sizes on them. For example, wheel sizes will be like 26 X 1.75”. Meaning that the wheel outer diameter is 26” and the wheel width is 1.75”. Also, there are 700c rims and they differ by their widths like 700 X 28c or 700 X 32c, etc. This means the outer diameter is 633 millimeters and the width is 32 millimeters. For detailed information about wheel sizes you can check our short instructional video from here. Dropout First, let’s look at what dropout actually means. Dropouts are the part of the bike or fork that holds the wheel on the bike. It’s very important to know the measurements of the drop out before you purchase your ebikeling ebike conversion kit. Every hub motor has its own dropout measurements. The spacing plays an important part and determines which hub motor will fit your bike. As an example we provided below 700c rear wheel dropout size. Please check the product description before you make a final decision. We advise every rider to install a Torque Arm to their bike to avoid any unpleasant experience with their ride. The torque arm is the tool that holds your axle to the frame. Hub motors are powerful and they may disconnect...

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How Much Power Do You Need ?

The motor power you need for your ebike conversion kit basically depends on some conditions like your expectations from the kit, the terrain, the weight, weather conditions, and how fast you want to go. At eBikeling, we offer 500W, 1200W, and 1500W conversion kits. With higher voltage, you can get more RPM and power out of a hub motor. If you’re going to be doing short rides with your ebike let’s say 15-20 miles like you’re going around on a neighborhood, local beach, or a short commute. In this case, we most likely recommend a 500W motor but we wouldn’t say stay away from 1200W or 1500W if you personally enjoy the higher speed. A 500W ebike conversion kit also gives a decent hill climbing performance for a heavier set person, with this motor power you can expect around 18-22mph speed. 1200W motors are significantly more powerful than 500W and you will see a noticeable difference when it comes to hill climbing performance and acceleration. This motor type will bring a much better riding experience with our 48V batteries. We do offer bundle deals where we sell conversion kits with batteries. If your route is uphill and you need speed, we advise our 1200W ebike conversion kits. The average speed you will get is between 25-30mph. Now with the 1500W motors, you can expect an average speed of 35mph. We recommend this motor to our riders who enjoy the high speed and performance. 1500W will have slightly more torque than 1200W motor. 1500W hub motor is really going to carry most people to significant hills and faster acceleration.

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What does “700c” mean?

700c has been a very misunderstood term for a while now and we would like to clarify that for you. The most common issue with this term is confusing it with “700cc”. The 700cc is a term for motorcycles referring to their motor power. The words are very similar but the meanings are so different. The term “700c” is the tire size according to the French system. The “700” is stating the diameter of the bicycle tire and “c” is the width size of the tire. However it’s not 700 millimeters it’s 633 millimeters.
Also, another common mistake is that often riders confuse “c” with centimeters. 700c’s c does not have anything to do with centimeters.

The alphabetical order is coming from the old French system which starts with the letter “a” and goes through to “d”. Size “a” is the narrowest and size “d” is the widest width size for a tire according to this system. Except “c” all other sizes dropped and have not been in use for a long time but “c” stuck because of widely used.Generally you can use 28mm to 35mm wide tires on the 700c rims.

Another false assumption is that 700c and 29-inch tires are the same. Unfortunately this is not true. “700c” has the same diameter with a 29-inch tire. However, the width of the 700c is narrower than a 29-inch tire. Riders think because their diameters are the same size, the width will also have the same size. If you fall into this mistake your tire unfortunately won’t fit into your rim.

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