What is the range of an electric bike conversion kit?

Depends on many factors, including the weight you move on a bike, weather conditions, pedal power you provide, your speed (higher speed requires more power which will reduce the range), type of surface (riding conditions) and so on. But typical range of an electric bike conversion kits on a single battery charge is 20-40 miles depending the kit type and the battery.


Do your conversion kits have Regenerative braking?

No, it’s rare in electric bikes and unfortunately we are not among those rare suppliers, at least for now. We have chosen to trust critics who claim that it does not worth extra cost as the efficiency gains are minimal.


What is Pedal-Assist?

Pedal Assist is a driving/ riding mode that the battery power is provided only when you are pedaling, which means you will get more range when it’s compared to the throttle mode. The level of power assistance you get from your battery while you are pedaling depends on the PAS level you set. Stick with eco mode for higher ranges.


How do I install PAS?

Pedal assist system uses a magnetic sensor and a magnetic ring to sense how fast rider is pedaling. This information is then processed by the controller and depending on the chosen assist level, motor will apply additional power to wheel. Installation starts by taking left pedal off the hub. You should now see the lock ring holding pedal hub inside bicycles frame. Take this ring off, install the sensor then tighten ring back on the hub and on the sensor ring. Now magnetic ring is pushed on the hub paying attention to the arrows. Put the pedal back and tighten with a ratchet to specs. PAS wire must go the right!


Can an electric bike be ridden without the electric assistance?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike like a regular one when power is off or the battery dies.


Will rain or temperature affect my electric bike conversion kit?

We do not recommend using them under a heavy rain as you may experience a short circuit. On the other hand, battery works at best in a sunny day and it will affect your range accordingly.


Do you provide replacement parts?

Yes, we do!


Can a built-in controller be replaced or repaired later on?

Yes, it can be replaced when needed.


What is torque arm?

Please read the article:


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