Why would you purchase an e Bike?

There are some great benefits of owning an e Bike. One that is the most significant is to those who experience knee pain and/or exercised-induced asthma. We have had customers with such problems who have purchased an e Bikeand they are enjoying everything from simply riding outdoors and to being able to do that without any pain or discomfort.

Purchase an e Bike

If you are located in an area with hills then an e Bike may be very efficient to you. Riding up a steep hill with no extra work is a tremendous advantage although you shouldn’t expect the speed to be same as if you were riding along a flat surface. Even your average speed is increased and the amount of energy put in by the user is the less, compared to a regular bicycle.

Do you pedal to work? Then you may have experienced sweatiness or you may have been tired at the end of your trip. With an e Bike you don’t have to pedal therefore, it eliminates the problem although you don’t get the exercise bright and early in the morning. Furthermore, during winter you can start to pedal if you are in need to warm up.

As with everything, there are disadvantages of owning an e Bike. First is the cost. The cost to purchase an e Bikeconversion kit is around $150, depending on your specific needs. You may start to think it’s well worth it but it doesn’t end just yet. The battery is costly. There are cheaper e bike batteries of course but I wouldn’t recommend them. They do not last long and are not reliable, which leads me to my next point. Anywhere at any point in time during your trip, something may not function. With electronics things just go bad overtime so you may end up pedalling or even pushing your eBike, with the weight of the motor, battery and controller.