What are the differences between these two electric bike display types and why should we prefer LED or LCD? What additional features does an LCD display offer us? Why should we pay more? These are the questions most clients ask when it comes to choosing a display.

Let’s look at the differences between 810 LED and SW900 LCD displays. First off, we need to emphasize the purpose of a display:

  • Turn power ON/OFF
  • Monitor battery status & power level
  • Adjust PAS level
  • Set walk mode (Cruise Control)

810 LED display


810 LED display

The 810 LED display offers the features mentioned above. It serves its purpose and does not have extra features. It is solely there to make the eBike function.  If you do not require anything else and want a simple display with basic functions then the 810 LED Display is exactly what you are looking for.


SW900 LCD display.

What if you are in need of limiting speed, adjusting voltage, adjusting Pedal Assist sensitivity or even start strength?

The SW900 LCD display offers much more than a digital screen and fancy look, it allows users to edit controller parameters, control all functions on your ebike from speed to wheel size and even an external headlight.

Additional details we can see on SW900 LCD display screen:

  • Speedometer
  • Total/Single Trip Distance
  • Trip time
  • Battery status
  • Wattage

Which do we prefer? We certainly recommend an LCD display if the client is using their eBike often and therefore taking advantage of it’s extra features everyday, whether it’s commuting to work or enjoying a casual ride.



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October 19, 2018 — Selahaddin Ganioglu

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