After a long period, we believe our valued readers missed our insightful blogs. This is going to be our first blog in 2018. There is a good reason for the inconsistency on our side. Our team had worked so hard in order to offer more diverse and quality products to our precious customers. Regardless of what the topic of the blog, time or date of the blog is; each blog is written with the deep understanding of the matter and we try to give the best information to our readers. However, this blog is exclusive. Finally, it is time to introduce those new products to our readers.  

   If you already have been surfing our website, you should notice the category “EBIKES” under the SHOP menu.  That is the newly opened menu, which will be the main door to our electric bicycle products. Before going any further, all the ebikes available on our eBay, Amazon stores. Please search by the keyword “ebikeling”. Ideally, each electric bicycle needs to be introduced in separate blogs so the buyer can come anytime and read about his/her product in later times. This is our main purpose and this blog is going to be a smooth opening gate to later specific blogs.

  • Naming
  • Design

      Above two topics that need to be directed in this blog. Just to remind again, in this blog we will try to go on a surface. If you couldn’t find any information regarding your ebike in here, you should be able to find them on later detailed writings.

   Are you probably wondering why there are names of the cities of USA in each listing? That’s because if you look up close, each ebike resembles a different city character. For example, see the Boston ebike. It gives you the smart and handsome look that belongs to a young and passionate student. And we all know Boston is the place where you can find students most. Let’s take another example, the New York electric bicycle. Foldable and portable. Small enough to pass through any streets of New York and carry inside the metro all day long. Do you live in mountains of the Seattle? Do you like a wildlife? Then our Seattle and Denver electric bicycles are exactly suited to you. Hopefully, this straightforward naming of our ebikes was understood clearly to anyone.

   Most important thing after performance comes design. We take design very seriously and spend most of the time designing them at the first steps of manufacture. The first thing to notice is the color. As you can see each color matches with an ebike itself and gives a luxury looking composition. Half of them have the integrated batteries which together with small hub motors makes ebike look like a regular bicycle. Simple and neat. And the other half have strongly built, perfectly fit batteries which won’t shake or fall while riding your ebike. Integrated lights and suspensions will give you most comfortable riding experience.

There is a no better option to cycle on the mountain or on the sandy place then electrified fat wheel bicycles. You won’t be terrified anymore that your bicycle will leave you on the road.

 Overall, we have a range of electric bicycles that will fit high school youngsters to over 6 ft tall, grown-up men. Price shouldn’t afraid anyone because all of them manufactured with quality materials and electrical components. In some, we even used Bafang motors and mid-drives. As we fully believe to the phrase “quality over the quantity”.



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