The current blog is going to be slightly unusual than our previous straightforward blogs.  It is different in the way of interpreting details. Generally we, I believe most of the blogs; try to give an information about the lifestyle around electric bicycles and the benefits of owning one.  As a company, our mission is all about grinding every day to improve our products quality, customer service and much more significant details that need to be taken care of.

Feedbacks and suggestions from our valued clients lead us to touch up the topic to our sw900 LCD displays.  Customers have a choice when they buy a kit from us to choose LCD display from the display options.  One can encounter tons of LCD’s but particularly ebikeling kits use this model. Obviously updates and changes will follow our LCD display options but as far as we go we will be utilizing sw900 model.  Let’s look into simple but important details and instructions of sw900 LCD display.

Things like the color of the wires, dimensions and other deep technical details excluded because we think these are not the major problems that concern clients most.  Overall display is in rectangular shape and black in color with the 6ft long wire connector.  This is pretty long to wire up your bicycle.  Screen divided into smaller 6 portions and display has at most 3 buttons.  Looks simple? But that few buttons will give the functions that most ebikers need.  On/off button shuts off kit completely, which means you don’t need to worry about if your battery damaging the controller while your electric bicycle on rest.  If you had on/off switch on your battery it’s always wise to off the display first and battery but when turning on vice versa.  Again 6 levels (0-5) of PAS can be manipulated through display by just clicking up/down buttons on the main menu.  And other background luminescence, wheel size 6km/h cruise control, voltage and max speed settings can be changed from here by just pressing buttons in different ways. One thing to keep in mind if the controller disabled speed limiting option from the manufacturer, it may not be possible to limit speed from display.  For convenience, we will include display instructions on our website’s installation menu. Please check it whenever you need manual to our products.

One more important thing point out here is that sw900 LCD displays are not % 100 waterproof. Connecting points may leak water inside if it’s left outside for heavy rain, for long time.  Wrap, tape can help to close the source of leak.



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October 27, 2017

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