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The first series of introduction to Ebikeling electric bicycles will start with the model AUSTIN.  Probably the smallest ebike of our current models. Although major important specifications can be found on its main listing, we will go through and talk about expressions it will make for the customer and some extra designing and technical details.  No matter, how much warranty we give on here, customers always try to protect themselves. And we totally understand their decision to do that. Simply for that reason, we again want to remind that our ebikes also can be found on other selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon. But if you believe and trust us, which is our company’s main goal, buy with confidence from our website. We always back up our customers and come up with the best solution.

   Let’s get straight to the point and start with the motor. Rear bafang was installed to Austin. Anyone familiar with ebike industry will know what Bafang brand is and how good they are. They are certified under ROHS / CE.

The motor is rated at 36V and 250 Watts with the 260 nT(Rpm) and 32 N.m maximum torque. It is the gear drive with a reduction ratio of 1: 4.42. Efficiency over %80 and operating temperature is – 20-45 Celsius. Spoke specifications of motor  36H*13G and cable length and connection type are 250 and G9.1 respectively. Small hub with the 5 8/3” diameter will look like your regular bicycle axle. If you need further specifications, you can always check their website and track any updates.

   Beautiful integrated Samsung battery has 15 ½ lengths and 1 ⅕ width and rated at 36V 8.8Ah. Battery comes with a charger and the keys in order to pull it out whenever is needed. 5 8/3 inch grips can be fit to any size of a hand without a trouble. Back and front spokes length are 5 1/4”, 7” respectively. Wheels are equipped with 180mm disc brakes and 20 x 1.75 Kenda tires.  Reflectors can be found on both wheels as well as on front and the back of the bicycle. Single speed freewheel installed on the rear wheel. Front forks complimented with suspension.

   Austin uses KM529 – LCD display to operate itself. Manual for this display can be found online but basically, say it has three settings. If you push plus and minus button together, it will take to the settings. Where you can set wheel size, change speed limit and change the background brightness. Front and rear headlights also can be controlled through this display.

   This ebike is the most real and one of the most comfortable one with all the specifications mentioned above. It is fast enough and handles very well. You can maneuver through diverse paths. It is also unisex. Well suited for high school, college, and university students.



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