For any company out there nothing is more pleasurable than customers’ satisfaction. Whatever you do: manufacture, design, printing, painting, service, everything rounds up with sales. At the end of the day, we do sell our products and customers decide if our products and services meet or surpass their expectation. As an EBIKELING we set our strong bonds with our customers. To keep customers happy and make long-lasting relationships with them is one of our main goals. Customer loyalty is one of the biggest drivers of our company growth and improvement. Ebikeling, itself avoids clamping the maximum profit from the clients but backs it up by communicating with them and solving the issues that rose, in a short period of time.
So far, we do get a lot of good appreciations from our buyers; maybe couple a day if not less. But the thing is they all limited with emails they send to us or in any other Google reviews. In this article we would like to bring up one the reviews that happened recently. The reason of writing about it is that it was not a one tweet, one email or one chat. It was entire blog dedicated to building your electric bicycle by using our EBIKELING product. And we encourage everybody that involved with us to share their experiences. It is always a pleasure to hear variety of questions from our customers regarding our products. I believe his post will benefit everybody that was planning to buy a bike kit from us. Buyers might have different kind of needs for electric bikes like health problems, bad roads, little boost, power or just a pleasure. Health problems are the most common we encounter so far. Kits are the product of engineering/technology work and if we advertise their maximum load as 220 lbs. there are some customer who weight a little bit over it. If we advertise maximum speed as 25-30 mph some customers may hit 35 mph or even 40 mph. So, this is the good example of giving more than promised. Ebikeling will work hard to give better products and services than advertised and encourage every its customer share their experiences.
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January 13, 2017

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